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Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower Series’ Movie Adaptation reveals ‘The Gunslinger’ as Working Title; Aaron Paul to play Eddie Dean?

Progress on the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series has been rather sluggish, with very little information available about updates. However, fans will be happy to hear that, aside from the screenplay, producers have slowly been pitching at directors and a few casting calls as of late. This means that, although the progress is quite slow, the adaptation is more likely to be greenlighted sooner than later.

It has already been confirmed that screenwriters Jeff Pinkner and Akiva Goldsman are already penning the script for the movie, there is still no word as to who will take the reins as director of the film. But rumors are already circulating regarding the first installment's title and it has been strongly suggested that The Gunslinger is the most likely title for it.

In terms of casting, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has expressed interest to play Eddie Dean, the main protagonist's protégé and gunslinger-in-training. The character is a former heroin addict who is talented at gunslinging, and thus trained by the main character Roland Deschain. Judging by his work in Breaking Bad and the character he plays there, portraying an ex-heroin addict in the Dark Tower series will not be very difficult for Paul. But this is still quite presumptuous as Sony has not confirmed Paul's involvement in the film yet. Other possible actors who seem to be at the top of the list of the Dark Tower producers, as well as on author Stephen King's hit list, are Russel Crowe and Javier Bardem for the coveted role of Roland Deschain. Deschain is the protagonist, the gunslinger, whose quest to find the elusive Dark Tower will be the main plot in the film. Either one will be perfect to play the Gunslinger, although there is still very little information regarding the film's casting. With the first installment of the film already having a definite title (based on the book), and a few considerations for the cast, if Sony really plans to turn this film into a major franchise, there should be more updates on its progress soon enough. The film is still in its development stage, and the Dark Tower Series does not have any definite release date yet.

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